Icon Library

A collection of SVG icons for use in Royal Navy web application development.

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The icon library uses the Google Material icon set as a baseline.

It has been extended and supplemented with domain specific icons and silhouettes.


The Royal Navy Icon Library is available as an NPM package.

// npm
npm install @royalnavy/icon-library

// yarn
yarn add @royalnavy/icon-library


import { IconHome } from '@royalnavy/icon-library'
import { SilhouetteAircraftCarrier } from '@royalnavy/icon-library'

// <IconHome size={16} />
// <SilhouetteAircraftCarrier size={128} />


The size prop sets the width and height attribute values of the wrapped SVG.


Add an SVG icon to src/assets/**/ and run yarn build to generate the consumable artefacts.